5 Fears You Must Conquer Before You Die

Posted July 22, 2017 Written by Jason

Yo! I’m Jason – an engineer, a traveler and an adrenaline junkie! My HUGE appetite for adventures is what sets me apart from the rest. I travel the world, one adrenaline rush at a time. BUT, like most people, I do get nervous just thinking about doing crazy stuff like jumping out of a plane.

I just don’t like it when the fear wins that’s why I don’t let it. It’s all in the mind – this is what separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls. Want to join me conquer the fear? Follow my awesome adventures @wheresjason_ig on Instagram and @wheresjasong on Facebook.




The following are some of the fears I believe you must conquer before you die:


1. Thalassophobia. Fear of the Sea.


I understand if you have this fear. Sharks. Whales. Sheer Depth. Drowning. Deep blue of nothingness. Vast Ocean. Strong Current. Sea Sickness. Large Ship. Pirates. Octopus. Trigger Fish. What else?

One of the greatest things in life you’d be missing out if you have this fear is SCUBA DIVING. Man, going deep below the seas is like entering an alternate dimension. It’s like your floating in outer space with sea creatures all over. You would not regret this.

Start out with swimming in the pool. If you’re comfortable with the water, swim in the ocean. Breath, float, feel, and enjoy. You don’t need a license to start. Once you are ready, try discover scuba diving just to get the feel of it. If you love it, enroll for an open water course. If you successfully did the training and passed the tests, you’d get a license – a license to explore the underwater world.



2. Acrophobia. Fear of Heights.

If you have this fear, I guess you’d never try SKY DIVING. 12, 000 feet above the sky? Afraid of that? Understandable. This is the real deal for a newbie. Jumping out of a plane? Are you crazy?! Maybe.

I was very nervous for my first time, nervous even months before the actual dive. Just thinking about it made my palms sweaty.

A friend of mine did it before. He told me it was the best thing that happened to him. He was telling the truth. The day I went sky diving, my life has changed. It made me braver. It opened up endless possibilities of what else I could experience that life has yet to offer.

The first step you should do is to try cliff jumping. This way you simulate the fear – the point where you doubt if you can do it. It’s between you and the fear. Remember, don’t let it win. Don’t think twice, just jump.

Begin from a jumping off a cliff that’s 3 meters high and take it up a notch to 5, 6, 7, 13, 15, and higher elevations possible as you progress. It takes practice.



Your first skydiving will be a TANDEM SKY DIVING. You’d be attached to a licensed skydiver so it’s not going to be your decision when to jump unlike cliff diving. Oh this makes life much easier.

The hardest part is the part before the jump. You’re above the clouds thinking that’s so freakin’ high!!! And then… off you go..


You’re falling so fast!!!

You know that feeling when you ride a roller coaster?

It’s nothing like that. It’s a lot easier.

It’s just pure FUN and HAPPINESS!!

You’d want to do it again and again and again.


3. Basophobia. Fear of Falling.


Conquering this fear overlaps with sky diving. However, BUNGEE JUMPING is a lot scarier than that in my opinion. You’re all alone, bud. You decide when to jump. The night before my jump, I can’t even sleep. I was very nervous. You know that feeling when you ride a roller coaster? Multiply it by 10. It was that intense! My insides were rumbling. I think my soul left my physical entity that day. The whole experience was exhilarating, but this became my favorite! This was the most difficult and the most satisfying to accomplish!


4. Aerophobia. Fear of Flying.

How can you travel by air if you have this fear? How about a helicopter ride? Parasailing? Paragliding? Hang gliding? Don’t you want to fly like a bird? How do you conquer this fear?

I guess you just have to go with it. Fight the anxiety, be educated, and learn how airplanes work. Learn that flying an airplane is safer than riding a car.

I was also a bit doubtful when I rode the smallest plane I’ve ever seen. It was a two-seater plane. It was like it was going to fall at any moment during the flight.

But in the end, I was just paranoid.

If you have this fear, how can you witness spectacular views from above?

Riding an ULTRA LIGHT PLANE, overlooking the Himalayas was one of the most unforgettable experience I’ve done.




5. Phobophobia. Fear of Fear.

This is the mother of all fears. Every fear listed above boils down to this – the fear of fear. You should know the secret ingredient is your mind. It’s a powerful thing. Stop imagining dreadful things. Let it go. Be optimistic. What you need to do first is to accept. Accept the fact that being scared is perfectly normal. We are human beings after all. Getting nervous? Getting uncomfortable? It’s natural. You just have to build the willpower to overcome it. BABY STEPS is the key.



Have faith and believe in yourself. Just follow the safety precautions on each activity, then you’re good to go.

You should enjoy life while you can… Like I always tell people, life is short so live it to the fullest.

So cliché but true.


Go out of your comfort zone now and face fear in the eye.

It’s worth it!



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