Easiest Way to Get a Dubai Visa Without Sponsors

Posted November 21, 2017 Written by Jason

The easiest way I know to get a Dubai visa without sponsors is an application through a travel agency. 

When I say without sponsors, I mean without a relative or a close friend living in Dubai or UAE. But technically, the travel agency will serve as your sponsor.

In my own definition, the easiest means the most hassle-free method and NOT necessarily the cheapest way. 





I got mine from J8 Travel Services.

And I paid about 8,900 PHP.


Here are the STEPS (as of November 2016):

  1. Email them at [email protected] about your intent to apply for a Dubai (UAE) visa

  2. Wait for their reply with the updated visa rates, requirements, and processing time

  3. Send the scanned copies of the biopage of your passport, NSO birth certificate, and passport sized ID

  4. They will send you an application form, that you need to fill-out and then resend it back to them

  5. Deposit your payment at their BDO or BPI account and send the scanned copy of the deposit slip for proof of payment

  6. Once approved, a scanned copy of the visa will be sent to you via email, followed by the original (hard copy), delivered to your home/office address.

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  • 14 Days Visa Period – 8,900.00 PHP/passport
  • 30 Days Visa Period- 14,200.00 PHP/passport
  • 90 Days Visa Period – 29,990.00 PHP/passport



  • scanned biopage of passport
  • scanned nso birth certificate
  • scanned passport size id picture
  • application form (word format)
  • scanned deposit slip



  • 10-15 working days + 3 days delivery of original visa.
  • This can be processed earlier as I submitted all of my requirements with deposit slip on November 22, 2016 and received the scanned copy of the visa on November 29, 2016




  • I’m an Engineer but my profession indicated on the visa was a Sales Executive. Don’t be paranoid and don’t panic like I did. It’s just the closest option from their list of professions.
  • Check out j8travelservices.com
  • This is a guide to a tourist visa, not a working visa. 

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