Jason’s Dream

Scubadiving between the North American and Eurasian plates


I’ve traveled to about 28 to 30 countries depending if you have a Chinese friend who keeps reminding you that Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong are provinces of China (Hi Tingting!). My style as a traveler can range between a fast-paced backpacker/adventurer and a more relaxed-paced tourist, depending on who I’m with or my mood. However, most of the time, I instantly say yes to any adventure. I like to hike, bike, and dive or to try any new outdoor activities. My other hobbies include playing basketball and listening to music. I am an avid fan of the NBA #ballislife and I am also a self-proclaimed rapper and drummer.

My  most notable adventures are:

My top 3 favorite countries, so far, are:


The main purpose of this blog is to inform and inspire. Several of my friends were asking me for itineraries, budget, and travel tips. Some of them are even badgering me to create a blog. Thus, Where’s Jason? was born to share my own experiences. “Where’s Jason?” has always been a common question from my housemates, friends, office mates, and family as I am most likely out of town or out of the country. My blog will focus on my outdoor activities and tours.


I believe traveling starts with a positive mindset. If you have a dream to go to Europe, don’t say “I can’t afford”, “It’s too expensive”, “I just can’t”, “It will only be a dream”, etc. Instead, replace them with “I can afford”, “I will save up money for this trip” “Of course, I can”, and “I will make this a reality”. The first step is to believe that you can make it happen. The next step is to make sure that it will happen. You don’t need to rush into it. Just as long as you have a dream, continue to do something to reach it. If Jason can do it, then so can you.


As for me, the ultimate dream is to live a long term sustainable travel lifestyle. I just crave the feeling you get when landing on a foreign land, experiencing different cultures, interacting with new people and tasting weird dishes. I plan to scratch out more countries from my map, and to cross out more from my bucket list. I plan to go to Australia, South America, Antarctica, and Africa. I truly believe and know within myself that I can achieve this goal. The world is beautiful. Live life. See you on your next trip. Go, book that ticket now! (or save first, then book that ticket!!!) Click here to see my travel history.


I dedicate this blog to my mom, who was my greatest fan.