Links to my blogger friends, check ’em out!!!


Colleen’s Happy Socks – Created by Colleen, an audacious traveler, mountaineer, adventure seeker foodie, and fashion lover!


JCAnsis – Created by JC, a huge NBA junkie who blogs about basketball, sneakers, and everything else in between.


The Quick Escape – Created by Dean, a Mechanical Engineer by profession and travels for passion.


Hackerette – Created by Kamelia, a regular girl who balances work as a nurse with traveling the world.


The Traveling Traveler – Created by Julia, a Speech-Language Pathologist who has a passion for travel, which turned into a career as a traveling healthcare professional.


Adventures in Middle Aged Travel – Created by Theresa, a middle-aged woman who convinced her husband to start traveling before they got married.


Hawaiian Brian – Created by Brian who believes that life is a vacation.


Trek with Derk – Created by Derk, an aspiring entrepreneur and travel blogger who aims to make any location feel like home.


Travel Bliss – Created by Maria who urges you to follow your bliss – the one thing that truly makes you HAPPY.


Bergn Street – Created by Rachel who has passion for three very simple things: Exploring, Experiencing, and Evolving.


Midlife Magic – Created by Kat, a middle-aged travel enthusiast who turned her love of vacation into a passion for adventure travel.


The TRVL Blog – Created by Nathan who is showing us how we can travel for cheaper and smarter too.


Aaron Teoh – Created by Aaron, a full time desk worker and a full time dreamer.


Romantic Travel Report – Created by Gary and Leslie to help us bring love and travel together to keep the romance alive in our relationship.


Ollie Overseas – Created by Ollie who started traveling overseas since he was a little kid and to date, has been to 40+ countries.